Welsh Black Beef Prime Joints

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    Welsh Black Sirloin on bone with Fillet Undercut

    Price from: £43.13
  • welsh-black-beef-rolled-sirloin-2

    Welsh Black Beef Rolled Sirloin

    Price from: £36.75
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    Welsh Black Sirloin Wing Rib

    Price from: £31.43
  • welsh-black-beef-rib-eye-roast-2

    Welsh Black Rib Eye Roast

    Price from: £24.95
  • welsh-black-beef-rib-of-beef

    Welsh Black Beef Rib Roast

    Price from: £24.68
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    Welsh Black Chateaubriand

    Price from: £21.25
  • welsh-black-beef-corner-topside

    Welsh Black Beef Topside

    Price from: £19.13
  • welsh-black-beef-rib-boned-and-rolled

    Welsh Black Beef Rib Boned and Rolled

    Price from: £18.95
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    Welsh Black Beef Top Rump

    Price from: £17.25
  • welsh-black-beef-silverside

    Welsh Black Beef Silverside

    Price from: £11.95

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